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Tenants Guide To Renting A Property

Welcome to the tenants information page on our website, you will find information here on our rental process, if you do not find the answer to a question you may have or the information you are looking for then please contact us and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you. 

If you have only just decided to move home or you are a first time renter then the first step is arrange viewings on properties that are suitable to your requirements. We can arrange same day viewings for you when we have unlimited access to properties and usually within 24 hours of occupied properties. 
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Once you select a property to rent with us we will take up references upon you. Our reference process includes a credit check being run on you along with employment and current landlord references, where applicable. 

You will be required to pay an agency fee and this will depend on the rent price of your chosen home. Below you will find a list of our agency fees. Once you have paid the fee to us we will ask you to fill in an application form and it is essential that all the information requested is supplied and the form fully completed. Missing information will delay your application and may endanger your choice of property. 

When completing the application form you will be required to provide the following information: 
  • Your full name, date of birth, contact telephone number and email address.
  • The full address of your current property and previous address(s) if you have lived there for less than three years. 
  • The full company name and contact information for your employer, if applicable. 
  • The full name and contact details for your current landlord(s) or letting agent, if applicable. 
  • Your national insurance number, bank account number and sort code. 
We will ask require two forms of ID to support your application; one must be a photographic and one proof of your current address. We are able to accept the following forms of ID.
  • A driving licence with your current address on
  • A passport 
  • A recent utility bill no more than three months old
  • A recent council tax bill in your name at your current address

Once the credit checks have been completed and any applicable references have been returned we will inform you and confirm your move in appointment with us. Prior to you taking occupation of your new home we will carry undertake the applicable certificates that are require prior to any tenancy commencing and if the landlord has decided that My Pad will manage the property on his/her/their behalf then we will complete a full and detailed inventory and condition report which we supply to you during your move in appointment. 
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We will prepare the tenancy agreement which will be signed in our office, please note that all parties named on the tenancy agreement will need to be present at the move in appointment. No keys can be released until all signatures are completed on the document. The first month’s rent and bond are normally paid on the day of the move, however if you do not take up occupancy within 14 days of submitting your application to us then you will be required to pay your first month’s rent and sign a pre-tenancy agreement on or before the fourteenth day. 

A pre-tenancy agreement, if applicable to you, is a contract between yourself and the landlord agreeing to hold the property for you to your move in date. The first month’s rent will become payable upon signing this agreement and will held by My Pad until the start date of your tenancy. If you withdraw from the property after signing this agreement then the first month’s rent will be sent to the landlord as compensation for lost marketing time and the finding of another suitable tenant. If you sign a pre-tenancy agreement then only the bond will be payable at your move in appointment. 

During your move in appointment we will sign the tenancy on behalf of the landlord and all parties named on the tenancy agreement will be required to sign, as previously mentioned. Please note that all payments are to be made in clear funds prior or upon signing the tenancy agreement. No keys can be released until My Pad is in receipt of all monies due. We will issue you with a welcome pack which will contain all the information you need in readiness for you to move into your new home. 
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As previously mentioned you will be required to pay a deposit/bond at the start of your tenancy. The amount will depend on the property and landlord in question and you will be fully informed of the amount prior to completing an application with us. If you chose to rent a property that is managed by us then we will retain your deposit with The Deposit Protection Scheme, should you chose a property that is managed by the landlord after our initial input then please note that the monies will be transferred to the landlord and it is his/her/their responsibility to register both your tenancy and deposit with their chosen scheme within 30 days of your tenancy commencing. 

Deposits are taken as security for the following: 

  • Any shortfall of rent due to the landlord.
  • Any moneys payable by you, as tenant, under the tenancy agreement, which remain unpaid.
  • Any damage to the property for which you, as tenant, may be responsible including landlords labour, costs, subject to an allowance being made for fair wear and tear.
  • Any shortfall of items off the inventory.
  • Any unpaid accounts for utilities e.g. electricity.
  • Any breach by you as tenant of your obligations under the tenancy agreement.
  • Any sum repayable by the landlord to the local authority.
  • Any costs incurred by the landlord in enforcing the terms of this agreement.
Repayment of deposits/bonds is subject to the landlords’ instructions following a final inspection after the property has been vacated at the end of a tenancy. As Agents we cannot return the deposit/bond without the landlord’s instructions.
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Agency Fees:

As mentioned above an agency fee is payable to cover the cost of your credit checks, references and administration to be undertaken on your behalf. Our fees are noted below: 

Rent £695.00PCM and below = £200.00 (No Vat)
Rent between £700.00PCM - £995.00PCM = £250.00 (No Vat)
Rent From £1000.00PCM = £300.00 (No Vat)

Please note that our agency fee is per property and no additional charges are made for extra referencing that may be required. All fees are non-refundable unless you have successfully passed the application process and the landlord is no longer able to rent the property. 

We hope this information has been of some use to you and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or queries. We wish you every success in finding your next home and we hope that we have the property you are looking for.  
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